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Top Baby Strollers of 2024: Parent and Expert Approved

Best Baby Stroller for a Newborn and a Toddler: Mockingbird Single-to-Double

Discover the top baby strollers of 2024, meticulously tested and approved by both parents and experts. This comprehensive guide showcases the best strollers for every need, from versatile models for growing families to lightweight options for travel and robust jogging strollers. Whether you’re a new parent or upgrading your current gear, find the perfect stroller to suit your lifestyle and ensure comfort and safety for your little one.

1. Best Overall Baby Stroller: UPPAbaby Vista V2


Price: $1,000 at Amazon, $1,000 at Bloomingdale’s

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Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value.


– Hugely adaptable, accommodating up to three kids

– Can be configured for newborn twins with a second bassinet

– Includes bassinet, rain shield, bug shield, and carry bag

– Smooth-rolling tires and excellent suspension

– No-rethread harness and roomy seat

– Large storage basket


– Large size, does not fold down small

– High price

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is an ideal choice for first-time parents, parents of newborns, and growing families. This versatile stroller can transition from a bassinet for newborns to a seat for toddlers, and an older child can use the Ride-Along Board accessory. The addition of a second toddler seat transforms it into a double stroller, and a second bassinet accommodates newborn twins. It can transport three children simultaneously when configured with two seats and a kickboard. The stroller can also be converted into a travel system with a compatible infant car seat like the brand’s Mesa.

Testers praise its maneuverability and smooth roll, thanks to premium foam-filled tires and excellent suspension that easily handles bumpy terrain. The stroller includes a rain shield, a mesh bug shield, and a storage bag. A no-rethread harness simplifies strap adjustments as the baby grows. A bassinet stand is recommended for those whose babies enjoy sleeping in the bassinet, making it usable as a sleep space at home. Despite its size and multiple-step fold and unfold process, many parents opt for the UPPAbaby Cruz as a more budget-friendly, though less adaptable, alternative.


– Weight limit: 20 lbs for bassinet, 50 lbs for toddler seat, 35 lbs for additional toddler seat and car seat, 55 lbs for Ride-Along Board

– Age range: Birth until your baby can sit up for the bassinet, three months+ for the toddler seat

– Folded dimensions: 17.3″ x 25.7″ x 33.3″

– Unfolded dimensions: 36″ x 25.7″ x 39.5″

– Stroller weight: 27 lbs

– Basket weight limit: 30 lbs

2. Best Value Baby Stroller: Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller


Price: $92 at Amazon, $115 at Walmart


– Lightweight for everyday use and travel

– Folds compactly like an umbrella

– Includes a carry strap for shoulder transport

– Very affordable

– High handle height suitable for tall parents


– Prone to tipping if heavy items are hung on the handles

– Not suitable for infants; starts at six months

The Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is perfect for everyday errands and travel, especially with its affordable price tag. Lab experts appreciate its lightweight design and easy fold, which makes it compact and portable. Although it lacks advanced features like a flat-reclining seat and substantial canopy, its simplicity and affordability make it an excellent choice for parents who need a practical stroller for a walking toddler or preschooler. 

Due to its aluminum frame, this stroller weighs only 13 pounds and is easy to manage. Its handle height is nearly 43 inches, accommodating taller parents. However, heavy items must not be hung on the handlebars to prevent tipping.


– Weight limit: 50 lbs

– Age range: 6 months+

– Folded dimensions: 43″ x 12″ x 10″

– Unfolded dimensions: 27″ x 18″ x 43″

– Stroller weight: 13 lbs

– Basket weight limit: 10 lbs

3. Best Car Seat and Stroller Combo: Doona Car Seat Stroller


Price: $550 at Amazon, $550 at Nordstrom


– Converts from car seat to stroller in seconds

– Ideal for parents who travel or use rideshare services

– Space-saving design, popular among city dwellers

– Maneuverable with one hand

– High satisfaction rate with 90% five-star reviews on Amazon


– Lacks storage basket and parent console

– Outgrown by most babies shortly after their second birthday

The Doona Car Seat Stroller stands out for its innovative design that converts from a car seat to a stroller in seconds, making it a favorite for parents who travel frequently or use rideshare services. This two-in-one solution saves space and money by eliminating the need for a separate infant car seat. The seamless transition allows parents to move their baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing sleep. 

The Doona is especially popular among urban families and those frequently switching between cars. Its compact design, ease of use, and high safety standards make it a game-changer for city living. However, the stroller does not include a storage basket or parent console; most babies will outgrow it by their second birthday. Despite these drawbacks, the Doona’s convenience and functionality earn it high praise from users.


– Weight limit: 35 lbs

– Age range: Birth to 32″ in height or 35 lbs, whichever comes first

– Folded dimensions: 26″ x 17.3″ x 23.6″

– Unfolded dimensions: 32.2″ x 17.3″ x 39″

– Stroller weight: 16.5 lbs

– Basket weight limit: No basket

4. Best Baby Stroller for a Newborn and a Toddler: Mockingbird Single-to-Double


Price: $400 at Target


– Customizable for one, two, or three kids

– Newborn-friendly

– Stable and maneuverable with a wide wheelbase

– One-handed fold

– Free shipping and a month-long trial period


– Older versions subject to recalls; buy now

– Accessories sold separately

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller is a versatile and affordable option for growing families. With its wide wheelbase and excellent maneuverability, this stroller provides a stable ride for one, two, or three children when configured with additional accessories. Unlike the UPPAbaby Vista V2, the Mockingbird requires separate purchases for accessories such as a bassinet and rain cover. 

The stroller features a one-handed fold mechanism, making it convenient for parents to hold a baby. Mockingbird’s outstanding customer care includes free shipping, a month-long trial period, and a lifetime limited warranty. Purchasing new ones is essentialIt’s to ensure safety, as older models were recalled due to frame issues.


– Weight limit: 45 lbs per seat (50 lbs for a single child)

– Age range: Birth+

– Folded dimensions: 18″ x 25.5″ x 34″

– Unfolded dimensions: 33″ x 25.5″ x 40″

– Stroller weight: 26.5 lbs

– Basket weight limit: 25 lbs

5. Best Stroller Wagon: Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon


Price: $320 at Amazon, $345 at Belk.com


– Ideal for outdoor destinations

– Comfortably fits two kids

– Each seat has its canopy

– Reversible handle for pushing or pulling

– Includes a snack tray, cupholders, and a small storage basket


– Heaviest stroller pick

– Not suitable for newborns

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is a top choice for families who enjoy outdoor activities. This two-seater wagon combines comfort and functionality, fitting two children with individual canopies. Its compact size and reversible handle make it easy to maneuver in various outdoor settings, from parks to festivals.

The stroller wagon includes valuable features like a snack tray, cupholders, and a small storage basket. However, it’s not designed for infants and is not allowed in Disney parks. Despite its weight, the Pivot Xplore is highly appreciated for its versatility and ease of use.


– Weight limit: 55 lbs per seat

– Age range: 6 months+

– Folded dimensions: 27.5″ x 23″ x 37.5″

– Unfolded dimensions: 27″ x 39″ x 45″

– Stroller weight: 34.7 lbs

– Basket weight limit: 10 lbs

6. Best Jogging Stroller: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


Price: Shop at Amazon


– Large wheels provide a smooth ride on most terrains

– Safety strap and locking front wheel for safe jogging

– Giant sun-protective canopy

– Adjustable nine-position handlebar

– Ample storage with a large basket and many pockets

– Supports a child up to 75 lbs


– Quite large, even when folded

– Suitable for jogging only from 8 months

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller is perfect for active parents who want to include their children in their running routine. With mountain bike-style air-filled tires and suspension, it offers a smooth ride on various terrains. The stroller features a UPF 50+ canopy for sun protection, a safety strap, and a locking front wheel for secure jogging.

The adjustable handlebar, ample storage, and large seat make it a versatile choice for parents of different heights and children up to 75 lbs. It is significant even when folded and recommended for jogging only when the child is at least eight months old.


– Weight limit: 75 lbs

– Age range: 2 months+ for walking, 

Eight months+ for jogging

– Folded dimensions: 38″ x 25″ x 16″

– Unfolded dimensions: 46″ x 25″ x 45″

– Stroller weight: 28.5 lbs

– Basket weight limit: Not available

These top baby strollers cater to various needs, from everyday use and travel to jogging and accommodating growing families. Each offers unique features and benefits, ensuring there’sa perfect stroller for every family.

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